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World’s First Ever Music Edutainment Channel / Streaming Music College

Since the last couple of years, we have been witness to a soaring number of startup companies which have developed lucrative platforms for music fans and also for the musicians. Between the categories of music fans and musicians, there lays a subtle segment, in fact a huge one called Active Music Lovers. They are those who are involved with music, who would love to learn music or even just play along or practice their favorite songs. The market is undoubtedly full of play song and karaoke apps but Utab Media, which is based on Tel Aviv and New York, has provided us with a high-end technology which works on various platforms and is also tailored to meet the needs of this specific group called Active Music Lovers.

What is Utab Media?

Utab Media is a music tech company which is located in the US and Israel as well. They have developed a revolutionary technology which is known as the Music Video Maker or the MVM. MVM can convert any audio files into a video with the lyrics, fingering and chords of the song being visualized.

An exciting groundbreaking technology being created — A detailed look

Utab is extremely excited to offer us this groundbreaking technology which they have developed with the MVM and now they’re eager and willing to find some strategic partnerships within the mobile, music and media industries. But what is it that they’ve created? Well, their backend technology can promptly understand the lyrics, chords and instructional tabs which create a song, all in-sync and in real time with the music. Utab can then visualize such elements in different channels and music services. Their technology can even create videos based on some particular audio tracks instantly.

It was in the month of February, 2016 that Utab launched a consumer platform and also a host of B2B products which were aimed directly at media and music companies, tech companies and also the content publishers. In a nutshell, the products of Utab are designed for those clients who would love to launch some large-scale music channels or services with numerous videos with the capability of visualizing lyrics, chords and fingering, perfectly in sync with music.

The company’s MVM technology

Based on the unique MVM technology, the company has recently launched its first Edutainment Music Video Store which lets music lovers practice, learn or just even play their favorite songs. Utab even signed the mush-required License agreements with music publishers and they are now planning to provide this solution to Media, Publishers, Mobile companies and Media who would love to launch their own brand music through Utab first edutainment channel. You will be rather glad to know that the Music Store of Utab runs on Mobile web, desktop, mobile app and even on Smart TVs.

Ofer Oved, CEO of Utab has been heard to exclaim that this is a wonderful opportunity for Media, Music and publishing companies to launch their branded music store and also added that they pay 100 percent attention on developing services and technologies for the segment called Active Music Lovers and their future partners who will all benefit from this excellent set of products and technology. Utab Media is undoubtedly an expert in the field of developing tech trends and products for a big segment which is called the music lovers.

Utab for artists

Utab Media also has a new platform dedicated to artists/ musicians. This is the first platform of branding and promotion utilities for musicians of all kind. The first utility will be launched next month and will enable artists to create their own video clips with songs chords, lyrics and fingering in sync with music. Any artist can upload audio file and lyrics to the Utab-for-artists wizard, then the machine will automatically create the video clip for musicians to use in their site, social page or video channel. Utab intends to cooperate with music companies aiming to the same artists segment.

If you’ve been wondering about who are included in the Active Music Lovers segment, you should know that they are the people who are either musicians, or engaged with any sort of music or those people who love to play an instrument or those who simply love to listen to songs or stay updated with news related to the music industry. As per latest Gallup research, this is indeed a huge segment and 55 percent of households in the US have at least a single member in their family who plays some kind of musical instrument.

Utab has also been clever enough to launch a few other platforms for their consumers. Chords and Lyrics provider and editing tools, a magazine on music which comes out regularly, a marketplace to purchase and sell musical talent and services, a mobile app and community features, all in connection with the proprietary music videos of the company.