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World's First on Line Music Edutainment Channel Was Launched Yesterday

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - January 28, 2016) - In the last couple of years we've seen many startup companies develop platforms for professional musicians and music fans. In between these two segments, there is a huge Segment called: Active Music Lovers -- people who are engaged with music, those who would like to learn, practice or just play along with their favorite songs.

Utab Media -- a Music Tech company based in Tel Aviv and New York, created a high End technology that works on many different products, to cater the needs of the huge segment that are called 'Active Music Lovers'.

Company's first B2B2C product Is aiming at publishers as well as music and media companies. The product calls out for partners that would like to launch music services and channels, as any of them can get thousands of music videos that visualize chords, lyrics and fingering, all in perfect sync with the music.

Company's video catalog is based on the company's MVM technology -- Music Video Maker -- a unique engine that automatically converts any audio file into a video with the song's chords & lyrics visualized. "It's an excellent opportunity for music, media and publishing companies to launch their own branded music service on any platform -- PC, Mobile or Smart TV," says Utab's CEO, Ofer Oved.

It is the world's first On Line Video–Based Music College/Edutainment Platform for people to learn, practice or just play along with their favorite songs.

In such a strategic partnership, Utab takes care of all product & technology related issues including videos, hosting localization and music rights (the company has signed license agreements with the relevant music publishers).

Utab has started its fund raising efforts last week and also launched few services and products for consumers. This section includes chords & lyrics editing tools, a daily music magazine, community features and a mobile app, all connected with the company's proprietary music related technologies.