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utab is the new home for active music lovers.
It is a social music platform for anyone who is passionate about music.

If you are engaged with music, play an instrument (or want to start playing),
like singing along or meeting other music fans,
utab ...

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Jeff Greene

Triple Decker Tech: How Utab’s Triangle Technology Builds Programmatic Video Music Lessons for Active Music Lovers and Artists

In Tel Aviv, a group of developers and musicians got together and started to see what technology could do for music learning. They taught a computer to hear chords, identify them, and create videos that translate these chords into streamlined music lessons. Their efforts eventually coalesced into Utab, an automated video clips service that creates content for musicians (Utab for Musicians) and helps active music lovers learn to play along to their favorite tracks (Utab Online Music School).

“There are three distinct layers that go into creating our videos,” explains Utab CEO Ofer Oved. “They bring together all the elements you need to have clear, fun musical instruction tailormade for the age of mobile and video.”

The first layer: Have a machine figure out what the heck those chords are--no matter where or when the song is from. “We created a new algorithm so smart that it’s capable of analyzing and establishing a chorded timeline to every song in the world in just under 15 seconds,” explains Gal Bello, Utab’s VP of Product, “regardless of the recording quality, release year, and music genre.” Drawing on high-level musical information like melody, key, and rhythm, this algorithm extracts the final chords.

Utab is in the midst of refining the process. “We’re working to allow users to play around a bit more with the results, to change a sharp or a flat key, say,” Gal says. “We’re also going to add the capacity to show more complex chords and to edit the results, so musicians can, for example, adjust a chord.”

Picking out chords is all well and good, but Utab presents this information novelly: By creating videos that turn songs into play-along potential jam sessions. “We can do this in mere minutes,” notes Bello. These videos sync lyrics, chords, and the sound track to make learning a new song clear and easy. “It’s a real asset for musicians wanting to engage fans in new ways, with new digital content,” adds Oved.

The last technological piece of the puzzle is a growing database of songs and videos that can guide music lovers on their journey to learn the best of classic rock, or to master the latest hits for the next party. “Music lovers may come to our platform looking for one particular song and not know what they want to try learning next,” Oved remarks. “Our algorithm is getting better and better at helping people discover the next song they can master, to expand their repertoire.”

Like other platforms that offer recommendations, Utab notes user's profile outlines, preferences and favorite music. The utility of gathering this data goes beyond suggesting what cool tune a user should learn next. “This allows us to create users clusters and micro clusters for any marketing & business purposes,” notes Oved. “We think this triangle will be perfect for strategic partners, or music and media companies looking for a turnkey and have a significant differentiation vehicle and a new revenue stream.”

About Utab

Utab creates programmatic videos based on several proprietary technologies. The service has teamed up with publishers worldwide to make sure the songwriters behind the videos’ compelling music get paid. Music lovers can start exploring and jamming at

Utab is a music tech company and will launch its unique platform by signing strategic agreements with companies that would like to provide their users with a new exciting cross platform music service with no development investment and in no time.